Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver Sponsors

Current sponsorship opportunities from December 1, 2022 – November 30, 2023, covering NWIR Day 2023 and include Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver levels. Detailed information can be found in our sponsorship opportunities brochure.

Sponsors provide funding for the organization, as well as for programmatic initiatives on the topics of mentoring, networking, education and recruiting. The focus of NWIR is to advance the careers of women in roofing who work from the rooftop to the boardroom and to promote excellence in the roofing industry as a whole. NWIR incorporated in 2016, has created a strong foundation of bylaws, processes, and procedures, and is fully staffed by independent contractors/consultants. Active, engaged, and working committees perform a significant amount of the planning of programmatic initiatives that help keep staffing costs and overhead low.

All sponsors play a critical role in fulfilling the goals of the Association and are central to an organization comprised of the best and the brightest, men and women, both new and established individuals, in the industry workforce. Please scroll down to request additional information on sponsorship opportunities.

Founding Sponsors

National Women in Roofing (NWIR) originally offered Founding Sponsorship opportunities to roofing industry organizations, companies and individuals to support the recruitment, mentoring, education and networking of women in the roofing profession. We remain forever grateful for their support; Founding Sponsors are listed below.

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