WORLD Awards

Being the first award winner of the WORLD Award (Woman of Outstanding Roofing Leadership Distinction (WORLD) award) was one of the greatest honors of my life. As a founder of National Women in Roofing (NWIR), I was passionate about reaching out a hand to women in roofing to build networks, mentoring, education and recruitment. Too often women work against each other due to old societal norms or unfair restrictions on women advancing in business and I wanted to change that dynamic!

The WORLD award celebrates women who are willing to break the norms and reach a hand out to other women, their industry and their community to empower all people. I believe nominating women who are inspirational is one of the greatest things people can do to help grow the respect for women in roofing and overall, societally.

Nominations are due April 30th. Please take the time to nominate a woman in roofing. The purpose of this award is to recognize the contributions of a dedicated women leaders in the roofing industry. These ladies will be honored based on:
• Commitment to the development of the roofing industry
• Perseverance against industry odds, breaking barriers (under-represented, age, disability, etc.)
• Identifying a new perspective of service/contribution to the industry
• Making a difference in respective roofing niche

What is a WORLD Award Veteran? It is a woman who exhibits outstanding commitment and leadership in the roofing industry. She has demonstrated perseverance, personal and professional growth, contributed to the industry, created opportunities for others, and has been an inspiration to many. This woman is admired throughout the industry.

Reading this, I sometimes cannot believe that I was the first recipient. The honor of being recognized by my peers and the industry overall is overwhelming and only makes me want to do more. Break more barriers, empower more women and make a difference for the next generations in roofing and beyond. I know that there are many other women just like me who just need to be nominated.

I look forward to seeing who the next recipient will be and excited to celebrate her greatness. Nominate today!

And while you are there do not forget to nominate our Rising Stars of young women in roofing. The award recognizes the achievements of emerging talent in the roofing industry who represent the next generation of leaders. These ladies will be honored based on:
• Ability to foster and encourage collaboration
• Increased levels of leadership and responsibility
• Personal and professional growth and balance
• Ongoing contributions to the roofing industry

A Rising Star is a young professional who has exhibited outstanding leadership in the roofing industry. These emerging leaders anticipate (internal or external) customer needs, are team players, innovate, and inspire those around them. These ladies are admired by their peers and foster and encourage collaboration. There are so many Rising Stars to nominate today!