WORLD Award Veteran

The purpose of this award is to recognize the contributions of a dedicated leader in the roofing industry. These ladies will be honored based on:

  • Commitment to the development of the roofing industry
  • Perseverance against industry odds, breaking barriers (under-represented, age, disability, etc…)
  • Identifying a new perspective of service/contribution to the industry
  • Making a difference in respective roofing niche

What is a WORLD Award Veteran ?

This woman has exhibited outstanding commitment and leadership in the roofing industry. She has demonstrated perseverance, personal and professional growth, contributed to the industry, created opportunities for others, and has been an inspiration to many. This woman is admired throughout the industry.

Nomination Requirements

  • Nominations must be placed on behalf of a NWIR member and submitted by another NWIR member.
  • Nominees may be from your own organization or another.
  • Roofing professional with 10 years minimum in the industry
  • Measured growth in:
    • Service to NWIR through 4 Pillars
    • Service to community through NWIR’s 4 Pillars
  • Balance: home and work (Well – rounded individual)

NWIR WORLD Award Veteran judges are looking for individuals who have demonstrated measured growth in business success, provided servant leadership through the 4 Pillars of NWIR, demonstrate authenticity, and are well rounded.

Do You Have a Recommendation for a WORLD Award Veteran?

A great leader can easily recognize another great leader. YOU are invited to nominate individuals for this honorary award. NWIR is looking for industry contributors who raise up others in the industry and are respected by their peers. If you have worked with a dedicated professional who exhibits such traits, show them that they’re admired by nominating them.

Nominations are free and they can motivate a nominee to do even more great things. Gather some of their work and tell us why you think they should become NWIR’s next WORLD Award Veteran.

All nominations must be placed on behalf of someone other than the nominee in order to be considered. Please include all career and personal awards, accomplishments and community service contributions. Two letters of recommendation will be accepted with the nomination, but are not required. The judging process will be a “blind” process with nominees presented to the judging committee as anonymous entries.

Entries open: October 3rd, 2022

Deadline for submissions: December 2nd, 2022, Entries are now closed

  • The WORLD Award Veteran winner will be announced at the 2023 NWIR Day conference on March 5, 2023.