Jennifer Stone – Johns Manville

  1. When you were starting out did you have a mentor, and if so was it, someone, you sought out or they found you?

I was not part of a formal mentorship program at really any job I have had. Starting in Roofing that would have been key to be able to have a mentorship program in place to lean on. I did however start to make friendships and alliances that grew into mentorship. Luckily I got hooked up with Heidi Ellsworth and Shari Carlozzi not long after I started in Commercial Roofing. We shared a common interest in helping women connect. Now, I will say I have many mentors within NWIR that help guide my thoughts and ideas, it is a beautiful thing.

  1. How did you get into the roofing industry? Were you in something different prior?

I have been in Commercial Roofing for about (8) years now. Before that, I was in Horticulture, which moved to Green Roofs and water catchment projects. I went up on my first roof about (13) years ago and have been in it to win it ever since. There is a vast amount of opportunity in this space.

  1. What would be one of the biggest challenges you have overcome?

Gaining the knowledge needed while still keeping up with the day to day of work, kids, life in general. I am not sure I have totally overcome this so the pursuit continues!

  1. If you were to give your younger self a quote to hold tight, what would it be?

Oh, there are so so many. One would definitely be: Learn your value as early as possible. Another is: Kids grow too quickly. It’s ok to be a mom and a worker, those worlds can and should be one.

  1. Are you open to taking on a mentee?

I have a few and would love more! I learn and appreciate the mentor/mentee relationship deeply as it helps me grow (maybe even more than the “mentee”). Women are prone to mentorship through our emotional intelligence savvy. Yet, we historically have lacked the structure in corporations to achieve this professionally. NWIR is striving to change that and if you are reading this – please do the same. Formal mentorship programs are key to retaining women in male populated industries.