Anna Anderson

When you were starting out did you have a mentor, and if so was it someone you sought out or they found you?

I was blessed to have parents who allowed me to be an entrepreneur at a young age. They supported many adventures and as entrepreneurs themselves they provided me with tools most children and young adults would not have access too. By the time I was 16, my sisters and I had already negotiated deals with a bank for capital. We were ordering semi loads of product for our customers and working closely with our local SBA on a business plan. These adventures and the watchful eye of my loving parents were my mentors growing up.

How did you get into the roofing industry? Were you in something different prior?

I was first introduced to the roofing industry by my good friend and business owner, Ken Kelly, President of Kelly Roofing. Many of the core values I grew up with resonated with the roofing industry.

What would be one of the biggest challenges you have overcome?

Understanding how to lead through love is by far one of my biggest challenges and most successful outcomes. To have empathy, tough love, and hold someone accountable is easier said than done. True love looks at the heart and understands when you lead someone in love you will not only develop others but grow personally as well.

This was a year long journey where I reminded myself daily with this question “Am I leading in Love? What does that look like today?” I gained a deep understanding of those around me and realized many times the issues people face are usually much deeper. When I looked at these leadership challenges through the lens of love I paused to consider all sides of the issue not just my own perspective. I now walk into situations looking for the root of the issue. I understand when my heart is in a place of love great outcomes are possible!

If you were to give your younger self a quote to hold tight, what would it be?

• Never stop learning! The day you stop seeking growth is the day you will die.
• Look at the challenges in front of you as simply a chapter in a book yet to be written. Create a path and move forward with confidence.
• Always assess your strengths and weaknesses, find others whose strengths are your weaknesses, and together great things will happen.

Are you open to taking on a mentee?

Yes! I love helping others understand how to leverage their gifting!