When is it OK to say you’re NOT OK? An NWIR featured discussion about mental health.

Beacon Distribution hosted the NWIR So Cal/Los Angeles Council meeting, Wednesday, November 16th in their Van Nuys Branch.

Each meeting focuses on one or more of the 4 Pillars of NWIR, and November featured Education and Mentorship through community service. This month’s presenters were:
• Denise Cantu, Branch Manager, Beacon Distribution, Oxnard, CA, spoke about the struggles and social stigma attached to mental health issues, specifically, Suicide. The statistics are alarming, affecting men women, and children of all socio-economic backgrounds. Denise discussed and distributed flyers providing the resources we have available to get the help we need.
• Cindy Rivera, MIT, SRS Distribution, who presented 2 Council projects for the holidays:
o Denny’s partnership, December 10th
o Alexandria House Holiday Pajama Event, coordinated by Careylyn Clifford
Council Co-chairs, Cindy Rivera, and Amy Lee reviewed the NWIR mission as the basis of our professional and personal goals as women in the roofing industry. The meeting reviewed how each of the 4 Pillars contributes to our growth and how to advocate for ourselves and others.

Nominations for the 2023 WORLD and Rising Star Awards were cast and voted on by the December 2, 2022 deadline.
Council board positions for communications and sponsorships were offered and accepted by:
• Shari Carlozzi- Communications
• Melida Flores- Sponsorships