Every 3rd Monday at 5pm, the membership committee gets the opportunity to meet some of our new members. The last couple of months we have enjoyed meeting and now would like to formally welcome these new members. With that said….welcome Mary Corbett from Tacoma Washington a new member to NWiR and the Seattle Council, Jessica Knight, Marketing Coordinator with Elite Roofing and a new member of the Phoenix Council, Sarah Bussoleth from SRS and a new member of the Atlanta Council, Janine Peterson who works for Miceli Roofing and is interested in joining our newly organized North America Virtual Council, Katherine Schaffer from GAF, Amanda Hukill from Parsippany, NJ who is also a new member of the Northern NJ Council, Kristine Patricks with Rooftop Drops and soon to be a new member of the NYC Council and finally Amanda Veinott from Fort Worth Texas who’s company specializes on teaching how to build the insurance estimate portion into you bidding on projects.

What a wonderful diversified group of new members. We look forward to getting to know each new member better and anxiously urge them to join one of the committees.