Members met in the first “virtual” regroup in several months to review open council seats, the upcoming WORLD Award nominations, and the opportunity to” just connect”. The last three meetings have been in person and after an August hiatus, the council met virtually on September 30, 2022. Keeping both virtual and in-person get-togethers on the calendar is important for this group that can sometimes see over an hour commute to and from meeting locations.
The conversation focused on “summer wins”. The consensus thoughts shared by everyone centered around the summer reprieve of the pandemic… “seeing customers, in person”, “being with family and friends”, and “enjoying the shore,” were just some of the highlights the group talked about. With fall definitely in the New Jersey air, the conversation then turned to planning meetings and events for the balance of the year.
Next up, Sip and Swig, scheduled for 5:30 p.m., October 11 at the Twin Willows Golf Course and Academy in Lincoln Park, NJ. An evening of food and drinks with some casual golf instructions thrown in for fun! The traditional council “Season of Giving” with collections for those less fortunate kicks off in November and concludes with the festive holiday party in December.
The group also discussed more formal matters of council business including board openings, the process to apply for a position on the board, and the upcoming WORLD Award and Rising Star Award.