Let’s face it – Roofing has long been viewed as an unconventional career choice for women, and not just for those positions that are literally ‘boots on the roof’. Scratch the surface of ‘unconventional’ and you’ll find more nuance among the different career paths, experiences, and challenges that women in the industry have taken or had. We want to dive into the questions of what these opportunities look like and how they have changed over the years, as well as introduce you to some of our very own women in roofing.

Join NWiR on July 14th for a panel on Unconventional Careers for Women in Roofing. Hosts Lee Ann M. Slattery, Sales Support Manager for ATAS International, and Maureen Greeves, will facilitate a conversation with panelists who have and currently hold a range of positions across the roofing industry. Just like a roof is just one part of what protects a home, a career in roofing may include recruitment, sales, research, manufacturing, and more. It almost goes without saying that women in these careers may wear additional hats, such as parent or caretaker, no matter what career path they pursue.

In addition to talking about how they were introduced to the roofing industry, panelists will discuss their access to training opportunities, experiences with mentorship, and any challenges they encountered along the way. This conversation would not be complete without also covering the many things they love!

Tune in for our featured panelists:
Lee Ann M. Slattery – Sales Support Manager with ATAS International
Minnie Robles – Product Representative with ATAS International
Maureen Greeves, Strategic Project Manager with Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc.
Lorena Garcia Cucalon – Asphalt Research Scientist with TAMKO Building Products
Ellie Deans, Technical Representative with Johns Manville
Anna Swiontoniowski, Technical representative with Johns Manville