Submitted by Denise Cantu

The Unmasking of National Women in Roofing kicked off on October 1st; with the topic of Mental Health Matters. With close to seventy people in attendance, it was deemed a huge success! Over the next six months, National Women in Roofing in conjunction with GAF and Optum will be rolling out monthly mental health topics as well as resources to help manage these stressful times. On November 5, the topic of discussion will be Mental Health Fundamentals for Managers. This will be a great topic for participants to help understand common mental health issues, how to introduce a model of intervention, develop strategies for managing staff affected by mental health issues, along with other topics.

If you have interest in being part of this committee or would like additional resources, please reach out to Jennifer Keegan, Delisa DiMercurio, Chelsey Line and Denise Cantu. Join us over the next six months for the Unmasking of National Women in Roofing. Let’s take the mask off and start having real conversations!!