Terri Audi Kruse, President/Project Consultant/Estimator Lady On The Roof®

Inspired by a friend and I had a long history of insurance experience and a gymnast who was not afraid of heights to do backflips on a 4-inch balance beam. :)

Why a member of NWiR?
Attended IRE for the first time in 2020 and opportunity to join passion and work to inspire other young people, especially young women to get into the construction business and trades. I am passionate about supporting other women’s confidence to put aside social stigma and to take the God given talents to use them to build America from the ground up, literally. My passion inspires my work in that people, customers, and other women see me on roofs and are elated with this atypical contractor. Therefore, being a role model is vital and inspires me to forge forward even when hurdles present themselves.
What does she do for fun?
Stand up paddleboarding, water activities, Yoga daily, and lots of social time with my friends and kids, and of course, eating & drinking.
Something people might not know.
Former Fitness Competitor
Advice for women in roofing.
Just take 2 steps….it’s like a workout…make a call to someone in the industry. You already have the innate ability to be humble and to ask questions, show up! and be willing to learn.
Best advise?
Do the numbers! For every no, there is a yes around the corner.
Greatest accomplishment.
I believe this company that I have created from scratch, door to door knocking, literally, asking for the opportunity to inspect roofs for storm damage. 8 years later, my company has evolved to people seeking us for business help and installation. A nationally registered trademark and truly representing women in the name and the business. It truly comes with responsibility to all women to be and do the best possible work in this industry.