In 2021, TAMKO Building Products is moving through an exciting transformation – and NWiR members on the TAMKO Team are playing pivotal roles: Heritage Proline™ Series Shingles – Titan XT™ and StormFighter IR™

In February, TAMKO announced it was launching a new series of premium architectural shingles specifically designed for the professional roofing contractor. The new Heritage Proline series is launching in March 2021 with two new advanced shingles – Titan XT and StormFighter IR. All of the Heritage Proline series shingles include a collection of innovative features, including reinforced common bond, expanded nailing zone, impressive high wind warranty and enhanced sealants and top coating.

Several NWiR members have helped promote these breakthrough advancements at TAMKO. NWiR members TAMKO Director of Marketing and Communications Kim Eckerman and Manager of Marketing and Communications Melissa Dunson worked diligently over the past year focusing on the marketing development for the new Heritage Proline shingles, including industry research, customer feedback and product design support. Kim, Melissa and Senior Marketing Specialist and NWiR member Stacey Bentley worked with a team of in-house designers and writers to develop the branding, language and imagery for the new shingle series and two new shingle products.

Kim and Melissa also provided leadership to the company-wide cross-functional product launch team and project management for the business process side of the Titan XT and StormFighter IR launches, helping to improve future product launches and project management at TAMKO by implementing new technology that works well with TAMKO methods.

On the product design side, NWiR member and TAMKO Research Scientist Lorena Garcia Cucalon witnessed the fruition of several years of her work in the launch of the new Heritage Proline shingles and their innovative technologies – specifically the new Advanced Fusion™ family of enhanced sealants and UltraMAX Weathering™ optimized top coating, featured in both the new Titan XT and StormFighter IR shingles.
Lorena was key in developing new formulations and optimizing existing asphalt formulations, as well as developing the test methods needed to maintain quality control measures for several of the new shingles’ most anticipated new technologies.

Orders for both Titan XT and StormFighter IR have already opened and have been met with incredible customer demand. Both products begin shipping in March 2021 with anticipated rapid growth in the coming year.

The TAMKO Edge
In Spring 2021, TAMKO will also launch a new contractor loyalty program, The TAMKO Edge™ program, as part of the company’s increased focus on contractor customer experience. Stacey has been deeply involved in the administration and management of TAMKO’s previous contractor program and was key in developing the new program’s benefits and design.

The highlight of the new contractor program is The TAMKO Edge contractor portal, a state-of-the-art digital portal that puts control over managing rewards, registering enhanced warranties, ordering business marketing materials and gear, and accessing digital marketing tools and special vendor discounts into the contractor’s hands.

Kim and Melissa led the development of the new program’s structure and designed the new portal’s functionality and branding. And to gather additional voice of the customer, the TAMKO Marketing team turned to another NWiR member and member of the TAMKO sales team, Crystal Stone, a Key Account Manager in the Southwest. Crystal leaned into her extensive experience working with contractors to provide insight into the functionality and design of the portal, including working with a large cross-functional TAMKO Team dedicated to the project.

The TAMKO Edge contractor program and new portal will begin accepting new registrations soon.

After more than a year of development, design and execution, TAMKO’s NWiR members are looking forward to the year ahead: launching new products, new programs, and a new vision for the future of a company with more than 75 years strong in the roofing industry.