KPost, the Official Roofing & Waterproofing Partner of the Dallas Cowboys, values the feedback from their employees. During COVID we had our 1st meeting and brought in all of our female roofers from the crews to get their feedback. Our management team wanted to take this time to see what they needed in terms of support for female safety, job sites, their career paths, and recruitment. We started the meeting with an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System for Businesses) tool that we use in our meetings and asked each of them what was their personal best and work best. Every woman in that room had the same response on their work best…they were grateful they had a job to go to each day to support their families. That was one of those moments when you feel the good chills run thru your body.

We discussed safety gear for women and brought in multiple female harnesses for them to try on and purchased those for them. A request from our group was smaller gloves for their hands, which we had not thought of, so those were purchased immediately as well. When asked what they needed on job sites they again had the same answer, “restrooms for women only at jobsites.” Our purchasing department joined in and made it happen.

We discussed careers and career paths with them as well. One wanted to become a foreman so we put her on that career path she will take on that position in 2021. Another wanted to become the driver of one of the crews and we put her on path as well.
We asked them what brought them to KPost and they found out about us via word of mouth and the pay was attractive to them.
At the conclusion of our meeting these women knew they had been heard by management and we had action plans and put the items discussed into place. Take the time to listen to your employees, you never know what you will learn.