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How to Beat the Heat

Outdoor workers are at risk for heat exposure illness if they spend a significant part of their shift outdoors. If workers have significant time in the direct sunlight executing strenuous tasks for long periods of time or if the tasks at hand require heavy clothing (personal protective equipment) they are at even greater risk. Workers working outside should follow a work/rest schedule. If the rest period can’t be in air conditioning it should be in full [...]

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Weather Safety Tips

No matter what climate you encounter daily you must be aware of how to keep yourself safe in changing weather conditions.  Hundreds of people die annually in the US because of heat waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, flash floods, powerful thunderstorms, and winter storms.  How do we protect ourselves from the elements outdoors? What are some tips you can follow to safeguard your home and family from severe weather? Create a disaster plan – how to protect [...]

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