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Determined Humility: Jayla Scholis from Beacon Building Products

A student athlete with UC Berkley, Jayla Scholis, was surprised to receive a LinkedIn message from a Beacon Building Products recruiter in 2018.  Jayla was not looking to join a startup fresh out of college – she was looking for something established. Although she had never considered roofing as a career option, Beacon’s reputation and stability were attractive. She loved the combination of history, benefits, and growth opportunity provided by Beacon so she could pursue a [...]

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CEO Profile: Stephanie Haigh, ComfortEagle

Life is truly unpredictable, and for those of us who just “fell into roofing” (myself included)  it’s a crazy ride. When Stephanie Haigh started working, she was on a completely different path. After graduating college, Stephanie worked in finance for a while before landing a position with a major engineering firm. She enjoyed the work, but was restless sitting at a desk, surrounded by project managers that had opportunities to travel and do amazing work.  It [...]

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Rooftop Renegade

The status quo wouldn’t prepare you for some of the amazing women we have right here in this group. During the late 80’s and 90’s, women began to break barriers in roofing. One woman who deserves the title of a rooftop renegade is Cindy Paquet of Jacksonville, Florida.  With a Bachelor’s degree in sports medicine from Stetson University, Cindy loved anything that would further her physical physique and challenge her body. Once a competitive body builder, [...]

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