Sydni Dorman is one of those busy women who make you wonder if she magically has more hours in the day than you do. She works full time at Springer Peterson Roofing and Sheet Metal as a junior accountant; and has helped with payables, receivables, payroll and closing out the month in her time there. She graduates from Polk State College in the fall with a bachelor’s degree in business; which she has paid her way through while working full time since 2013. She also competes if CrossFit Competitions and coaches 3-4 CrossFit classes per week in her “spare time”. In addition, she has a busy family life with a large extended family and is a future stepmom to her fiancée Ian Davis’ three children; Karsyn, Ava, and Stetson. Where does she find the time?

So, what does Sydni plan to do in the future? She and Ian plan to get married sometime in 2021. She may continue her schooling and pursue a master’s degree in accounting. Her goal is to one day succeed David Reiher as Controller at Springer Peterson. She loves being a part of the Springer Peterson family and says Tammy Springer has become a mentor to her over the past four and a half years. She can also see herself having a side business where she helps individuals get their budgets and personal finances in order. And when she retires, she might just bag your groceries at Publix one day. Sydni describes herself as a workaholic. She loved working at McDonalds in high school. Her first job after graduating George Jenkins High School in Lakeland was at Carpenter Contractors a truss manufacturing company in Polk County in the account’s receivables department. She has been at Springer Peterson for 4 ½ years since the age of 21. She said some of the biggest challenges she has faced in the roofing industry is getting people to realize just how serious and driven she is despite her young age. She also said that sometime people don’t always like you in the accounting department. She has a reputation as being a bulldog when it comes to collecting money. Her favorite thing about the roofing industry is that she’s always learning. She has enjoyed working closely with Springer Peterson’s controller David Reiher and learning the ins and out of the money side of operating a business. And beyond everything she has already learned there is still so much to learn about roofing.

We asked Sydni how does she do it? And she shared some wisdom. She read recently “You can’t fill other’s people cup if yours is draining; your cup has to be overflowing.” And she keeps her cup filled with CrossFit, family, reading, and journaling. Her favorite financial wisdom to share comes from one of her favorite authors Dave Ramsey. “The only people who get hurt on a roller coaster are the ones who jump off.” That is certainly applicable these days.

Sydni’s boss, David Reiher, had this to share about her: “I have had the pleasant opportunity to work closely with Sydni Dorman for almost five years, during her employment at Springer-Peterson she and I collaborated on several projects together. I am pleased to say that Sydni is an excellent team player and a sincere, hardworking individual.  She often takes the initiative to handle difficult projects and picks up new tasks efficiently. She is making great strides in her understanding of “financial accounting” as well as “managerial accounting.”  She has a determination to resolve any issue within our department as well as the company.  She is a tremendous asset to all divisions within Springer-Peterson, which has helped her develop her knowledge of the entire accounting process.”

Sydni certainly, has a bright future and we are so excited to have her involved in National Women in Roofing!