Homeowners in storm-prone regions of the U.S. are familiar with “storm survival” kits. These kits contain the essentials for riding out a storm and often include items such as bottled water, batteries, flashlights and non-perishable food.

Similar to the kits that help homeowners weather a storm, today’s roofing systems are equipped with built-in “survival kits” that help roofs stand up to the elements.  For example, Owens Corning has developed several storm-worthy shingle technologies embedded in today’s roofs. As fall storm season gets underway, here are some roofing technologies to help defend against the elements:

Equipped with patented SureNail® Technology to help a home’s roof stand up to rough weather,  Duration® Series Shingles feature a tough woven fabric strip in the nailing zone. This extra measure of protection helps Duration® Series Shingles withstand winds up to 130-MPH*.

For select hail-prone areas of the U.S., Owens Corning offers several shingle options that feature advanced technologies to meet the highest rating for impact resistance – UL 2214 Class 4. For example, Duration STORM® shingles are equipped with WeatherGuard® Technology featuring an  integrated polymeric backing material. Also available are Duration FLEXTM shingles that are manufactured with a proprietary blend of SBS polymer modified asphalt that delivers a rubberizing effect offering greater flexibility, enhanced durability and toughness compared to standard shingles, even under intense storm conditions.

While shingles are the first line of defense from nature, what’s underneath the shingles is also important in helping to protect against moisture intrusion and supporting roofer safety. Synthetic underlayments such as Deck Defense®, ProArmor® and Titanium® create a water shedding barrier under the shingles to help protect against wind-driven rain. In addition to repelling water, synthetic underlayments support safety for the contractors who install and inspect homes’ roofs.

Regardless of the stormy conditions nature may bring, a home’s roof delivers optimized performance when it works as a system. The Owens Corning Total Protection Roofing System®^ is built on a mindset that a home’s roof helps seal it from the  elements, defend against the ravages of nature and helps a home breathe through proper ventilation. Collectively, these roofing technologies help deliver confidence, even in the midst of a storm.

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^Excludes non-Owens Corning® roofing products such as flashing, fasteners, pipe boots and wood decking.