SRS has been a supporter of National Women in Roofing since its inception in various ways: They were a Founding Sponsor, they continue to be a Diamond Sponsor, and they maintain leadership within NWiR. In addition to this, their Women’s Leadership Forum and SRS Raise the Roof Foundation surprised our Executive Committee with even more exciting news…a $10,000 donation to the Purple Purse Project!

The SRS Women’s Leadership Forum met in April of 2019 after NWiR Day at IRE, where they learned about the Allstate Foundation Purple Purse Initiative. They partnered with Kendra Scott for a series of “Kendra Gives Back” events for a year and a half to raise funds toward Purple Purse. The SRS Raise the Roof Foundation agreed to match the funds raised, totaling a $10,000 donation in honor of National Women in Roofing. “We are very happy to be able to do this to help women in crisis because of domestic violence recover and strengthen their lives,” says Mikell Bollinger, Executive Director of the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation.

For anyone who wasn’t able to attend the 2019 NWiR Day in Nashville, The Allstate Foundation Purple Purse (now known as the Allstate Foundation’s Domestic Violence Program) works to create a society where women are empowered including to end domestic violence. A main reason women are unable to leave an abusive partner is due to financial abuse. Financial empowerment, financial education, shelter, and more are needed to assist these survivors in transitioning to the next phase of their lives.

Performing a quick google search on domestic violence, and you see the same thing: Domestic Violence has increased during COVID lockdowns and isolations. This means that organizations that support domestic violence survivors need more help than ever. And the SRS Raise the Roof Foundation answered the call to help at the perfect time.

The NWiR Executive Committee is honored and proud that SRS would support our organization in this way, but more importantly, that they would empower and support Domestic Violence Survivors. If you would like to follow in their footsteps, you can donate in honor of National Women in Roofing by using the link below. No amount is too small. All funds raised will be used to support the National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) Economic Justice program. This program supports domestic violence and financial abuse survivors as they move from short-term safety to long-term safety.

For more information on SRS Raise the Roof Foundation, please visit their website:
For more information on ways to support domestic violence survivors, or to seek help, please visit