Our 4th annual National Women in Roofing Day is just 10 weeks away!  We launched registration on Monday, May 24th and are very excited to see our attendee reservations coming in. We hope that you are sending many of your employees to NWIR Day to participate in our day of education, mentoring, and networking, but also to further continue your company’s representation.  A digital invitation is available here for you to forward to employees, customers, and colleagues.

Of course this year will be different due to the waning pandemic, and we are planning for smaller numbers but also using this opportunity for more intimate education, mentoring, and networking.

  • To invite your female employees to register for NWIR Day, please follow this link for registration instructions
  • If you are an exhibitor at IRE and would like to register a group of your female employees for NWIR Day at the same time as you register for IRE, Katryna Chamblin in the NWiR office can send you a list of all NWIR members (and their member number) who have indicated your company name as their organization. You may contact her at [email protected]
  • NWiR provides a “swag bag” to attendees to help commemorate the day and your company has the opportunity to provide a co-branded gift for members (i.e., a gift that has your company logo and the NWiR). See a suggested list of co-branded items here. NWIR logos may be downloaded here. The password for this page is nwirsponsorsinc2016

We are anticipating 200 attendees this year. If your company sends 200 gifts and we don’t reach that number, we will either give the extras away to women who visit the NWiR booth, we will ship them to our Councils across the country, or we would also be happy to return them to you. Shipping information and deadlines for the co-branded gifts can be found below:

  • Please plan to ship your 200 items directly to our advanced warehouse.
  • Attach this shipping label to all of your boxes to ensure they get to the correct place. If this label is not on every box, it will not get to the right place.
    • Receiving Dates are July 19 – August 3. Please make sure your items arrive in a timely manner in order to be included in NWiR Day.
    • Send tracking information to [email protected]
    • Please provide this information to your carrier as needed.


Please complete this very short form so that we know how your company will participate in NWiR Day.

Swag Bags

Gifts for swag bags

Our gift will be (choice one) or (choice two). We are trying to avoid duplication of the same or similar gifts from two companies and will notify you if we are aware of a duplicate choice.

Please note we are anticipating 200 attendees.

For Diamond Sponsors Only

Diamond Sponsors Only: Complimentary Registrations
As part of your Diamond sponsorship, your company has the opportunity to send eight women to NWiR Day free of charge. Please invite these 8 women to register for NWiR Day, using the code in the email sent to you by Michelle Boykin on May 25th. Please acknowledge receiving this information.

Diamond Sponsors Only: Logo on gift from the association
NWiR also provides a gift to attendees and in recognition of our partnership we will add all the Diamond sponsor logos to the association’s gift. We will use the logos as displayed on this page, so please let us know if your logo has changed. https://www.nationalwomeninroofing.org/sponsorship/



Thank you so much, look forward to seeing you soon!


Michelle Boykin, Rackley Roofing
NWiR Vice-Chair and Sponsor Liaison