If you are thinking about working with a business consultant, it is important to hire one that knows the industry intimately. Cotney Attorney & Consultants brings more than 65 years of combined experience in solving business problems for construction companies. The consulting arm of the firm offers a range of business solutions including the COO on Demand program, business coaching, risk management, Smartsheet Solutions, training, and more.

Every roofing business would benefit from an experienced chief operating officer, but hiring a full-time COO comes with a hefty price tag that not every contractor can afford. Take advantage of the opportunity to outsource the role through our COO on Demand program without the expensive overhead of hiring one full-time. Our consultants will work hand in hand with you to help you improve standard operating procedures, workflows, talent acquisition, restructuring, future business planning, and much more.

Cotney also offers a risk management package that allows you to feel confident in your business, and helps you reduce risks with proper documentation. With this package, Cotney’s team reviews and analyzes your onboarding documents, employee handbooks, safety manuals, and any additional operational business documents that are essential in mitigating risk.

Smartsheet Solutions brings your business technology capabilities to the next level. With Smartsheet, we can integrate various software programs and export critical pieces of data to provide you with dashboards that encompass the information that is vital for the success of your business. We can also create portals for each of your departments so you can access decision-making data at the palm of your hand.

With a 4,000 square feet training center, Cotney provides hands-on field training for roofers. Cotney also offers online estimating training to train future, current, and experienced estimators. In addition to estimating training, we are looking to expand our training options, so be on the lookout for additional training programs in the near future.

Our consultants have spent years in the roofing industry, running multi-million-dollar roofing businesses. They understand the issues that you are facing and have the experience to help you solve those issues. To learn more about Cotney Attorneys & Consultants or to schedule your free consultation, please visit cotneycl.com or call 866.303.5868.