Yes, sir! She’s in Roofing!
For our February NWiR Tennessee council meeting, we celebrated the launch of a new brand “She’s In Roofing.” Additionally with a reflection of how valuable women are to the industry and an apparel fashion show.

“She’s In Roofing” is an incredible brand dedicated to empowering and supporting women in the roofing trade. The brand was founded by member, Liz Garza. This conversation helps women to overcome self-doubt and encourage each other to reach their goals while breaking through barriers. The essence of She’s In Roofing is that with the proper support, women can reach their full potential and create lasting change in the roofing industry. The launch included graphic tees and POW stickers promoting the POWer to emPOWer, and more pieces in the works for use in the field.

You can support Liz Garza and “She’s In Roofing” through the website,, and across social media platforms.