The status quo wouldn’t prepare you for some of the amazing women we have right here in this group. During the late 80’s and 90’s, women began to break barriers in roofing. One woman who deserves the title of a rooftop renegade is Cindy Paquet of Jacksonville, Florida. 

With a Bachelor’s degree in sports medicine from Stetson University, Cindy loved anything that would further her physical physique and challenge her body. Once a competitive body builder, Cindy took health and personal fitness seriously. She began her career as a social fitness director in Orlando. Following her passion at a young age, she was content until her boss requested she run a bar. 

The timing was perfect when a friend stopped by and offered her the chance to help him lay tile on a large project he was completing. As Cindy’s other passion was art, she saw this as a great opportunity. The combination of physical labor with a beautiful work of art at the end of each project perfectly fit her passions and lifestyle.

After a short time, Cindy saw that the fruit of her labor and the possibilities were endless. In pursuit of her new goal of ownership, she began Diamond and Paquet Roofing. The team consisted of Cindy, five women, and her brother. When asked about her time, she said that she “loved being able to outman the men on jobsites,” and that it was “nice to catch the attention from the work we were doing.” For seven years, Diamond and Paquet served the roofing industry well the situation grew complex. The company’s explosive expansion and workloads left Cindy as the last woman standing in the business. This ultimately led to the dissolution of Diamond and Paquet Roofing. 

The years following Cindy held a diverse array of roles with companies in the roofing industry. With large names like Tecta America (once General Works) and Sunniland Corporation, Cindy had the big names to back up her ambition. She held positions like inspector, estimator, sales, project manager, and direct sales while still enjoying the ability to teach others and install tile along the way. In 2005, Cindy found a golden opportunity to start a company in the Northeast Florida market – Cache Roofing. 

Dubbed Northeast Florida’s “Tile Roofing Specialists,” Cindy applies decades of expertise to every single job. She spends time on the roof pointing out details, checking difficult flashings, and applying the stamp of approval. While specializing in tile, Cache also offers metal roofing and waterproofing solutions. Certain ornate dyes and details cannot be recreated the way Cache does them. A chance opportunity taken right out of college empowered Cindy’s attention to detail and personal responsibility.

When speaking with Cindy, she discussed the pros and cons of being a woman on the roof. As the owner of the business she finds that sometimes, “GC’s may try to be a bit more overpowering due to being a female,” and that “customers sometimes have a hard time believing I am the owner”. Cindy said that she is “able to do what [she] loves and has never truly been negatively impacted because the passion for the industry provides a certain confidence.” Most importantly, her response was incredibly positive by stating that she “feels lucky to be believed in and trusted by homeowners and contractors”, and that she is “able to do what [she] loves and has never truly been negatively impacted because the passion for the industry provides a certain confidence.”

Cache has been growing steadily for nearly 15 years and has created a name for itself in the Northeast Florida market. With happy tenured employees and a growing reputation, Cache Roofing will be a name remembered with a roofing renegade, Cindy Paquet, as the face of the business. Her dream is to “keep the business as a legacy for her work family, and community she serves, long after she’s left her mark as a trophy of her dedication and commitment.” Her short-term goal is to “teach people the multitude of necessary careers that make up the roofing industry”. As all of us continue our work in an industry we love, let us recognize the women that have helped pave the way by showing us what we are capable of on and off the roof.