Brought to you by our Diamond Sponsors, we welcome you to Join our live, interactive program on Joy Infusion–where we will laugh, connect, and have fun with Lelia Gowland!

As we look for the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we’ll continue the conversations that have sustained us through the past year on topics like:

  • Joy infusion in your career and workplace
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Antidotes for “Zoom fatigue”
  • Building confidence and empowerment.

Through a blend of live, interactive virtual programs and engaging online courses, NWiR members will learn tangible strategies and get fresh perspectives.

Save the date for live, interactive virtual programs:

  • March 9, 12pm CST: Joy Infusion: Laugh, Find Connection, and Have Fun; Sponsored by Beacon – Register here for the first virtual program
  • March 30, 12pm CST: You pick!; Sponsored by Johns Manville
  • April 13, 12pm CST: You pick!; Sponsored by Owens Corning

In each virtual session, the audience gets to choose the next topic in real time!

Online courses will be posted April 20

Confidence Boost: Tap into the Negotiation Strengths You Already Have; Sponsored by GAF
Prep Like A Pro: Key Strategies for Before You Negotiate; Sponsored by TAMKO
Success in the Room: Powerful Practices for During the Negotiation; Sponsored by SRS
Manage the Feels: How to Navigate Your Emotions in Negotiation; Sponsored by Tremco

Sessions will be hosted by Lelia Gowland, a nationally known speaker, coach and author whose work has been featured in Forbes magazine.

*These dynamic sessions are only available to NWiR members.