This year in honor of Women’s History Month, Roofing Is Celebrating Women. Let’s not just celebrate the women who are written in the history books but let’s also celebrate ourselves. This month, you will see highlights of women to be celebrated within our industry.

Brittany Wimbish, Fields Roof Service

  1. How did you get involved in the roofing industry?

After my first daughter, I was looking for a position that I could have more family/life balance that paid me for what I was worth. My hiring supervisor understood that and saw me for my potential to add the company’s internal productivity. I am now celebrating almost 12 years with the same company.

  1. What is one of the key things you have learned about yourself that you wish you would’ve known when you first entered the roofing industry?

I wish I would have known how much I would need to advocate for myself and how to do it.

  1. In the spirit of Women’s History Month, who in your life has been an inspiring female figure that has helped you get to where you are today, physically, emotionally, intellectually and/or spiritually?

Pointing out just one woman is so hard. Just over the last few years several women come to mind through NWiR, Rebuilding Together South Sound and my mother. I know through these organizations I can reach out for guidance on career choices, finances, inter-relationship advice in and out of the office, and networking connects to help me find solutions to thing I didn’t know I need solutions too.

  1. Who is one of your favorite Women in History?

This may be a little cheesy, but myself. I am prouder of myself that I ever thought I could be. I have learned not to rely on other’s approval of who I have become or who I am continuing to become or where I am going. I think learning how to feel this way, is the biggest mountain I have climbed.

  1. As we know, many of the women in our industry are always juggling multiple responsibilities. How do you manage a work-life balance?

I do not balance anything. Something is always occupying my time over another thing. Whether it is taking zoom calls while at home or having to leave the office to be present for family events or matters. It is a back-and-forth wave effect of what is getting my attention. I do not think one thing is more important than the other. I have cups to fill to help myself feel like a whole person. I try and focus on if those cups of priorities are being filled adequately for myself and those that are most important to me.

  1. Share an example of a time when you realized you were one of the first women at your job, school, family, or social organization to do something that had a meaningful impact or caused a positive change?

Just recently, I have come to realize that all the updated process and procedures within our company, I have had a hand in creating and implementing. When I started as a receptionist, I did not know what exactly my career would look like, but I am now actively creating what the future for myself and company will grow to be.

  1. Share something that you have been a part of that other women can follow in your footsteps and pave new trails in the industry?

Join NWiR and reach out to other members. It may be intimidating to cold network, but if you have a question regarding career advice to life-family balance, problem solving at work, there is someone in the NWiR organization that will share their time with you to help you. We are here for you to help you grow. We cannot grow without you either.


NWiR is so grateful to Brittany for her tireless efforts as a Council leader and now a member of the Board of Directors.