This year in honor of Women’s History Month, Roofing Is Celebrating Women. Let’s not just celebrate the women who are written in the history books but let’s also celebrate ourselves. This month, you will see highlights of women to be celebrated within our industry.


Alexus Lopez, Elite Roofing Supply

  1. How did you get involved in the roofing industry?

I started out as an administration assistant to a project manager of a roofing company in their commercial division. The summer of 2013 was spent scanning project files and safety books into electronic files, but that experience got my foot in the door of an industry that I absolutely love.

  1. What is one of the key things you’ve learned about yourself that you wish you would’ve known when you first entered the roofing industry?

I would share with my younger self that the to-do list will still be there tomorrow, every 9-1-1 fire will eventually be worked out, and when things aren’t going according to plan, we just have to do the best that we can for our customers and vendors because that is all anyone can ask for – my best effort.

  1. In the spirit of Women’s History Month, who in your life has been an inspiring female figure that has helped you get to where you are today, physically, emotionally, intellectually and/or spiritually?

My life has been blessed with many powerful, independent women who have broke new ground and set new standards for what it means to be a female with a career that it makes it difficult to choose. Right now, Lauren stands out as guide and coach in my life as I develop my self-care and work-life balance.

  1. Who is one of your favorite Women in History?

The Women Executive Leaders of Elite, although still writing history, are my current favorites. I believe they are trailblazing our company on a path that will create countless opportunities for women in roofing in the future.

  1. As we know, many of the women in our industry are always juggling multiple responsibilities. How do you manage a work-life balance?

I have had to learn to remind myself that by compromising my mental and physical health because of self-inflicted pressures to “get the job done,” “exceed expectations,” and “do it without mistakes” is not a sustainable model. I know that I show up best to my job and for my teammates when I am taking care of myself out of work mentally, physically, and emotionally. So, I have had to develop a habit of listening to myself, my needs, and be flexible that each day will look different than the one before – if I feel tired at the end of the day take the night to rest, when my body is asking for movement get some exercise in, when I need social time set up a happy hour with friends.

  1. Share an example of a time when you realized you were one of the first women at your job, school, family, or social organization to do something that had a meaningful impact or caused a positive change?

When I started working at Elite Roofing Supply in Denver, we were a small office, and I was the only female. I will never forget interviewing in the trailer outside the building because the office was not ready for occupation yet, and answering a broad skills question with, “Whatever your office needs are, I can do it, and if I don’t know I’ll figure it out.” Quickly after starting I realized that despite my young age, my ten years of work experience were going to serve me well with this company and it felt like a good fit. Now, nearly three years later I am proud to be part of all that Elite Roofing Supply has accomplished in Colorado.

  1. Share something that you have been a part of that other women can follow in your footsteps and pave new trails in the industry?

Over the years, I have been open to new opportunities and connections that have come up and those relationships are the ones that now fuel my core group of friends and social network. My best advice is when you feel a true connection to people, and they are the types of relationships that push you to the next level of life, both professionally and personally, foster them and see what new heights you can reach with the right people around you.


We are grateful to Alexus’ company, Elite Roofing Supply, for their support of the association as a Platinum Sponsor.