The company is promoting gender equality in the roofing industry
as Tayler Burkett, their newest project manager, shatters stereotypes.

TYLER, Texas – Stonewater Roofing is committed to supporting women by offering them a wide variety of careers in the typically male-dominated roofing industry. Now, the company has teamed up with National Women in Roofing to help create the organization’s new East Texas council.

“Stonewater has always strived to be inclusive. We have women on the office staff, at the executive table, and at the construction site. There is nothing that stops a female from holding these positions,” stated Dianna Gregg, the company’s Director of Operations. “It benefits us to have a variety of viewpoints at all levels of the company.”

For instance, Tayler Burkett is one of Stonewater Roofing’s newest hires. As a project manager, she ensures that all crews properly install new roofs on homes. “I don’t see any difference with a woman or a man out here as a project manager, as long as they’re authoritative,” said CCO Shay Burton. “It’s all about getting your crew’s respect.”

“Tayler’s doing good,” Burton continued. “She’s getting her hands dirty. She’s getting in there with the crew, elbows deep. Couldn’t ask for anything else.”

“I’ve had people tell me that this is a man’s job and ask me if I was ready for what I was getting myself into,” said Burkett from a recent project site, a home in an exclusive east Tyler subdivision. “I don’t think that females come short of many things. We’re as capable as men.”

National Women in Roofing agrees. The volunteer organization consists of nearly 1,500 members across the nation. It aims to advance the careers of female roofing professionals and encourage more women to consider joining the roofing industry. They provide networking, mentoring and education opportunities.

This is done, in part, through local councils. Many have already been established in cities nationwide, however, none yet exist in East Texas. National Women in Roofing is looking to change that by forming a council in Tyler. The group connected with Gregg and Stonewater Roofing for help. “I was really excited to get approved,” she said.

The council will regularly meet to discuss issues impacting industry women. They will have a chance to connect with their peers, exchange ideas and express concerns. Above all else, members are encouraged to work together and empower each other. “The main goal is to support and inspire members in their careers,” Gregg added.

“We expect a number of meetings and activities to be announced soon,” stated Gregg. Recruitment events are also being planned for those who wish to join the East Texas council. “This is an exciting new chapter for women in the roofing industry, and I’m so proud to be a part of it.”


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