On June 13th, NWIR Co-Chair Jennifer Stone, NWIR Board Member Jennifer Keegan, and NWIR Executive Director Ellen Thorp conducted a presentation during the IIBEC Virtual Convention. Entitled “Retaining Talent Through Coaching & Mentoring” the presentation was based on an original white paper co-authored by an organizational psychologist. Although we aren’t able to post the paper or presentation until given permission to do so by IIBEC,

Building enclosure consultants are often in the position of training and/or supervising an employee, teaching a facility manager about roof system maintenance and forensics, explaining to a building owner or HOA board why a seemingly simple enclosure issue is actually quite complex, and working collaboratively with contractors to problem-solve and get work done quickly. As we enter the longest period of uninterrupted growth in the construction industry, building an inclusive culture amidst diverse project teams benefits one’s professional practice and reputation. Supporting female employees on the rooftop, at the wall, or in the office is critical to reducing employee turnover. Creating a collaborative culture that is supportive of women is also beneficial to all employees and colleagues.

Future leaders are entering the workforce with the expectation that coaching, mentoring, and emotional intelligence are a basic skillset among their colleagues and managers, so there is a need and value for consultants to possess and utilize these skills to successfully retain a future workforce. Organizations without deep knowledge of these topics risk plummeting employee retention rates.