Resilience in Roof Design.

The trend toward greater resilience in roof design has come into sharp focus in recent years.  The forces driving this trend include the decline in skilled labor among roofing contractors and allied trades; changes in the building code that have been influenced by severe weather patterns; and the increasing application of sustainable and “green” technologies.  The urgency of this trend has challenged both design and construction professionals to find both human and technological solutions in a dynamic work environment.  This presentation will explore how the trend toward greater roof resilience has effected the application and performance of roofing systems over time.  It will also discuss ways to meet the changing demands.


Learning objectives:

  • Describe traditional roofing and its evolution to modern, more resilient roofing technology
  • Discuss the realities of labor shortages and their impact on the construction industry
  • Identify changes in the building code that enhance roof performance in high wind and weather-beaten coastal areas
  • Discuss green roofing systems and their impact on the commercial and residential spaces