Rackley Roofing is always focused on our 6 core values. One of those core values is Innovative, meaning we look for ways to think outside of the box, and more importantly, we are open to change. As a Founding Sponsor of National Women in Roofing, we quickly understood the positive impact that NWiR would have on the roofing industry as a whole, and we love being part of such an incredible organization.

At Rackley, we are always looking for ways to empower men and women within our organization, and we are purposeful in seeking out opportunities to support organizations that empower women. Earlier this year, we were honored to support Brittney Zamora Racing as her sponsor for the All American 400 Race. Brittney is a female in the male-dominated racing industry, and was the only female to compete in the Super Late Model race. Additionally, Brittney began the Pit Road Pals Program, which supports animal shelters across the country in conjunction with racing to bring awareness to animal rescue needs. “Brittney’s values aligned with ours, so sponsoring her for the All American 400 was a no-brainer,” says Rackley President Curtis Sutton. Brittney agrees with Curtis. “I think it’s really cool to let everyone know how we align. You are transforming the industry, getting women into the field of roofing and racing. We are letting the world know that us girls can do it too.”

To see a recap on the All American 400 partnership with Rackley Roofing and Brittney Zamora racing, visit https://www.facebook.com/Brittz52/videos/390249795520462
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