“Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” ― Flavia Weedn

Four years ago, Rachel Wrobel began searching for a career closer to home, and roofing chose her to her surprise.  Her background was in engineering, not roofing, so the commercial roofing industry was not at all on her radar.  “I found Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance through an online job search.  When I interviewed it felt like the right fit, even though I’d never been on a commercial roof in my life!” Rachel explained, “I was an engineer looking for a great company and culture that would give me opportunities to grow and challenge myself – Tremco stood out among the other offers I received so here I am almost four years later!” Today, Rachel is a Product & Technical Project Manager, Engineer with Tremco Roofing & Building Maintenance.

Outside of work, you’ll find Rachel hiking or working out as a way to reset and think.  She is also an Independent Beauty Consultant, with Mary Kay, where she gets to connect with other amazing and inspiring women.  Rachel joined the Cleveland Chapter of NWiR in 2018 and enjoys working with WomenSafe, Inc., a domestic violence shelter and resource center.  NWiR member Lisa Garcia connected the NWIR Cleveland chapter to this incredible organization.  Rachel boasts that her biggest accomplishment is being a mama to her almost three-year-old daughter, Hudson, and her soon-to-arrive daughter, Morgan!

As a woman, the most empowering thing Rachel has experienced was the 2020 NWiR Day in Dallas, TX.  She had, “never left an event so empowered and inspired” and proceeded to implement what she learned there with Tremco, as well as Mary Kay.  Rachel loved Heidi Ellsworth’s talk about goal setting and going to get it.  The idea of “write it out, display it, see it every day, and SHARE IT with your peers” really hit home for Rachel and now she has her personal and professional goals posted to her mirror so that she sees them every day.  Rachel also really enjoyed the Body Language break out session sponsored by Beacon and the Health and Wellness break out session led by fellow NWIR member, Mandy McIntyre!

When asked what advice she would give to her younger self, Rachel said, “go adventure more, embrace the mess, and take the time to help others along the way.”  Adventuring is one of Rachels’s favorite hobbies as well.  She has already visited over 20 countries all over the world!  Her favorite destinations have included New Zealand for the incredible scenery, hiking, adventure activities and extremely wonderful people; Portland & Seattle which had the “absolute best combination of breathtaking hiking, friendly people and delicious beer”; and Spain (Madrid and Malaga) for the awesome food, colors, culture, history and relaxation.  Spain was also Hudson’s first trip at 6 months old, so it holds a special place in Rachel’s heart.  She believes that there is nothing better than sharing your love and passion for adventure with your family!

Other fun facts about Rachel:

  • Her favorite Pandora stations include Jack Johnson, Sara Bareilles, and The Beatles
  • If she ever won the lottery, she would donate to some of her favorite charities and then take a year-long sabbatical to travel the world with her family
  • Her favorite food to cook is homemade pizza – the secret family recipe calls for enjoying a beer & good conversation while the dough rises
  • Her hidden talent is that she was a competitive gymnast up until college, when she traded in the leotard to be a Collegiate National Champion for The Ohio State University in racquetball
  • Her biggest dream in life is to retire by the age of 55 (to go adventure more, embrace the mess, and help others along the way)

Rachel also wanted other NWiR members to know that she is looking for a mentor!  She was recently promoted to a supervisory role and would love to learn how to be a great leader and to help other women in their careers.

By Jennifer Gift