We started the year by embracing our differences! Our first webinar, held with our Alliance Partner, RCI, Inc., discussed the Advantages of a Multi-Generational Workforce. Senior Director of Technical Services, Wanda Edwards was joined by fellow RCI members, Julie McDonald, Branch Manager at Building Envelope Consulting, LLC and Stephenie Williams at WJE. Want to hear the conversation again? Click here for the recording.

For the first time in history, five generations are working side by side, each with different leadership, communication and career development styles. Whether you’re part of a multi-generational family business, or part of a generationally diverse team, understanding what motivates each generation and how to communicate with each other will help you thrive in this diversity and leverage the competitive advantage.

Understanding the circumstances, attitudes and values that influence each generation and their skill sets can lead to a dynamic team. Our multi-generational panel will discuss these differences and skill sets, highlight the strengths of each generation and their natural roles within your organization, and review the blueprint of successful multi-generational teams.

Our panelists, George Smith, Chair of ASTM D08 and former VP at FM Approvals; Leslie Franklin, VP of Brand Marketing at GAF; Julie Palmer, Sales Manager at GAF; and Lindsey Mahnken, student at Stevens Institute of Technology, brought some great perspectives to the discussion. Join the conversation on our LinkedIn Page.

We will continue the discussion at the International Roofing Expo in our session on Mastering the Multi-Generational Workplace, held February 12th at 7:45am cst. Kent Schwickert, Chairman of the Board at NRCA, Kevin Palmer, President of Schwickert’s Tecta America, and Jack and Jesse Scalo, President/CEO and Sales Executive & Client Satisfaction Director at Scalo Roofing, will share their multi-generational experiences in running a family owned business.