A multi-part conversation series with Lelia Gowland and NWiR Diamond Sponsors to build ourselves, our community, our companies and our industry.

Thank You to Our NWiR Diamond Sponsors:

As we look for the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, we’ll continue the conversations that have sustained us through the past year on topics like:

  • Joy infusion in your career and workplace
  • Negotiation strategies
  • Antidotes for “Zoom fatigue”
  • Building confidence and empowerment.

Through a blend of live, interactive virtual programs and engaging online courses, NWiR members will learn tangible strategies and get fresh perspectives.

 Live interactive virtual programs:

  • Joy Infusion: Laugh, Find Connection, and Have Fun; Sponsored by Beacon
  •  Women Investing in Women: Building Confidence and Empowerment; Sponsored by Johns Manville
  •  The Unexpected Advantage: Negotiation Strategies That Work For Women (And Everyone); Sponsored by Owens Corning

Online courses:

  • Confidence Boost: Tap into the Negotiation Strengths You Already Have; Sponsored by GAF
  • Prep Like A Pro: Key Strategies for Before You Negotiate; Sponsored by Tamko
  • Success in the Room: Powerful Practices for During the Negotiation; Sponsored by SRS
  • Manage the Feels: How to Navigate Your Emotions in Negotiation; Sponsored by Tremco

All sessions are hosted by Lelia Gowland, a nationally known speaker, coach and author whose work has been featured in Forbes magazine.

Live interactive virtual programs

Roofing Is: Connection Part 2 – Women Investing in Women: Building Confidence and Empowerment

In this highly interactive program, you’ll learn tools to increase your leadership and communication skills, a all while having fun in the process. You will:
  • Develop 3 strategies to boost leadership skills, particularly in challenging settings
  • Identify strategies to lift up one another within your company and NWIR
  • Leave feeling less alone, through activities to build connection and learn from one another

Download: Women Empowering Women NWIR JoyBook (686 KB pdf)

Online Courses

When was the last time you negotiated something with ease and confidence?

Whether you feel scared to advocate for what you want, or typically feel grounded in these types of conversations but want to up your game, you’ll learn key tips and strategies that will help you navigate any conversation.

We’ll go through 4 courses — a fancy meal of sorts, if you will — starting with a delightful appetizer about confidence, diving into two hearty main courses that will get you prepped and ready for the conversation, and end with a yummy dessert course that’ll help you navigate your emotions at any point.

By the end of our delectable meal, you’ll know how to reframe the way you think about negotiations of all kinds so you can enter any room or conversation knowing that you got this.

Course 1: Confidence Boost

Even if you’re feeling nervous, you might be more ready than you think! Learn how to tap into the negotiation strategies you already have in this course sponsored by GAF.

Course 2: Prep like a Pro

Before you even enter the room, learn the key strategies to keep in mind as you prepare for the conversation in this course sponsored by TAMKO Building Products.

Course 3: Success in the Room

Engage in your conversation with ease and confidence using these powerful practices for during the negotiation in this course sponsored by SRS Distribution Inc.

Course 4: Manage the Feels

No matter the stakes at play, learn how to stay calm, cool, and collected from beginning to end in this course sponsored by Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenence.