Mental Health Matters

The theme of this series, Unmask Mental Health, aims to destigmatize the mental health challenges and issues we all may face. Through candid conversations, we discuss topics such as anxiety, managing pandemic fear for parents and children, resilience, and more. The NWIR’s goal is to provide tools and guidance when it comes to dealing with these sensitive topics.

Previous Webinars

Mental Health Matters: Employees in a Heightened Emotional State

We have all had those days where we have a roller coaster of emotions from the time we start work until the time we leave and sometimes past that. We aren’t able to shut our brains down and thoughts are always racing through our heads. It has only gotten more common for people during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please join National Women in Roofing in our discussion about Employees in a Heightened Emotional State led by Greg Banks. He will give us strategies to help work in altered work environments, prepare for the uncertain and give advice on creating action plans to help regulate emotions.

Download: Optum - Employees in Heightened Emotional State Final - Workbook (167 KB pdf)

Mental Health Matters: Talking to Your Children about the Next Phase

Talking to Your Children about the Next Phase
Social distancing has been especially difficult for children and experts are predicting that additional extended school closures could have lasting psychological effects. Regardless of your parenting style, it is important to be able to talk to your children openly about the pandemic and to allow them to express their fears. This program will help parents explore appropriate boundaries with children and to be able to reassure them and prepare them for the future without raising false hopes or expectations.

Download: Optum - Talking to Children about the Next Phase Final - Workbook (140 KB pdf)

Mental Health Matters: Mental Health Fundamentals for Managers

Managing people during unprecedented times can be a difficult task. As a manager, you are needed to be an encouragement to your team when things are difficult and still fulfill your daily workload. That can cause strain on your daily life and you may not always recognize when your employees need extra assistance.

Join NWIR to discuss managing employees in a heightened emotional state. NWIR is joining forces again with Optum for part two of our Mental Health Matters Series. Whether you are a manager or not, this will be a great webinar to help your team recognize and support struggling employees and focus on self-care so that you can thrive through these uncharted waters. #UnmaskingNWIR

Download: Mental Health Fundamentals For Managers Workbook (199 KB pptx)

Mental Health Matters Webinar

Mental Health Matters. With the COVID-19 pandemic and events of social unrest, many people are feeling emotional distress and distress can impact both our physical and mental health. Fortunately, we can play an important role in supporting our colleagues, our families, and our communities. This webinar will cover signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions along with self-care strategy and resources for support.
Facilitator: Nicki Salcedo joined Optum in 2011 and is responsible for client strategy, education, and innovations that improve the mental health of employee populations. Her career has focused clinical and wellness programs. In addition, she is a certified instructor of adult Mental Health First Aid and lives in Atlanta.

Download: Mental Health Matters - NWIR (831 KB pdf)