REAL Roofing™ – Moving the roofing industry forward with equity, diversity, and inclusion education.

In the fall of 2020, the Executive Committee of NWiR started discussing the need for an education program for the roofing industry on the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion. It was determined that it was important to make sure that the program would be applicable to small and medium-size contractors and consultants, that it would be available at a low cost, and that the planning of the program would include voices from all various aspects of the roofing industry. The program is called REAL Roofing and launched a pilot program in March 2022. Through a multi-part interactive series, the REAL Roofing will be made available at a low cost to ANYONE in the roofing industry.

Registration – Are you interested in participating in the second cohort of REAL Roofing? Information will be coming soon on how to register.