It is critical that women in the roofing industry make sure that their voices are heard on the issues that matter most to them. Whether it’s a regulation in your local area, a new amendment to the building codes, a bond issue in your school district or a piece of legislation in the U.S. Congress, we owe it to ourselves to make our opinion known. Back in the Spring of 2021, we did a video series on Roofing Day in D.C. with Teri Dorn and Deb Mazol (of the NRCA GR office) and used that as an example of one way to share your opinion with your Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress.

From time to time, you may see a communication from the NRCA entitled “Action Alert” to urge Congress to take action on a particular issue. Right now there is a focus on increased funding for career and technical education and H.R. 4288, the Workforce for an Expanding Economy Act. I also wrote about H.R. 3897, the H-2B Returning Worker Exception Act back in the July edition of this newsletter

In future months I’ll write more about how to get involved at other levels of government, but for action with the federal government and the U.S. Congress using the NRCA as a conduit for your voice is a great place to start. The NRCA has a fantastic grassroots advocacy page that goes into detail about the priority issues on which the NRCA Government Relations department is active. You can access the NRCA Action Alert widget here to quickly and easily send a letter to your elected officials.