National Women in Roofing, Oregon Council teamed up Friday, March 15, 2019, with Professional Women in Building to help roof four temporary housing PODs as part of the Kenton Women’s Village Build-Out Event. Kenton Women’s Village PODS will provide temporary shelter to homeless women in the area. The General Contractors of these four PODs are Stephens Homes, Legend Homes, BC Homes, and Elite Development. The Legend Homes and Stephens Homes are partnering with Professional Women in Building.

Stephanie Baird, General Manager of Bliss Roofing and Co-Chair of NWiR, Oregon Council said she attended the POD launch on February 1. “I learned that last year 21 women that were in this type of temporary housing were placed in permanent housing. Home Builders Association (HBA) has made this a contest with all the 21 general contractors working on the PODs so the end results should be fabulous! To me, it is a given that NWiR should be involved. We are women in roofing partnering with women in building to help aid with the women homeless population.” I don’t have the answers on how to curb the homeless problem in the Portland area but am proud and grateful to have worked on a project that could be working toward a resolution. The women in roofing offloaded roofing panels, removed the protection tape, prepped the metal by crimping and notching it and helped load it on the roof. It was a great experience for all and an honor to have been asked to work on the project.

The metal roof panels were generously donated by Taylor Metal of Salem, OR. ABC Roofing Co and Bliss Roofing, Inc. provided the remainder of the material and Bliss Roofing and Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal provided metal roof installers.

Sheila Zentz Stephens of Stephens Homes noted: “We are honored to be a part of supporting women in our community. Stephens Homes, LLC, a majority woman-owned business, is keenly aware of the contribution women are making in all levels of construction. Partnering with Professional Women in Building, National Women in Roofing, and Girls Build is a natural fit to uplift homeless women in the Portland area

Written by:
Stephanie Baird, General Manager of Bliss Roofing and Co-Chair of NWiR, Oregon Council