Friday, June 10, 2016 – National Women in Roofing (NWIR), a national organization focused on the empowerment of women within the roofing industry, is proud to announce the launch of its membership. NWIR strives to provide an opportunity for women and men, new and established, to find ongoing success working in the roofing industry. Membership in the organization will be used to create networking, mentoring, educating and recruiting opportunities for women in the roofing industry along with building NWIR councils throughout the US and Canada and will kick off at the upcoming WSRCA and FRSA tradeshows.

Incorporated in February of 2016, NWIR is proud to offer membership at a level that will encourage all women and men to be a part of the association. At $60per year, members will be on the cutting edge of new programs and the development of councils around the country. Membership will also include online training and networking opportunities with an emphasis on programs that will empower women’s career paths in roofing no matter the position.

“Women already hold strong positions in the roofing industry from the rooftop to the boardroom and we want to support them while recruiting more women into roofing,” stated Heidi J. Ellsworth, NWIR chairperson. “Whether working for a roofing company, distributor, manufacturer or service provider, the women of roofing face unique challenges that need a voice while providing an opportunity for continuing education and success. Many women have worked very hard to create this space and now we are inviting all of the industry to be a part of this unique professional association.”

“Memberships will be held by individuals which is a bit different from other roofing associations,” continued Ellsworth. “We want to empower women and men to make the choice to individually be a part of this group. Many companies have agreed with the concept and see this as a major benefit that they can offer their employees. A benefit that employees can hold throughout their career while showcasing the support and benefits of the company where they work.”

Membership funding will also be used for the development of the association website, overall communications, database development and most importantly ongoing education, mentoring, recruiting and networking opportunities. All are invited to participate in this exciting new organization. Interested individuals can sign up for membership at or at the WSRCA and FRSA tradeshows running June 12th & 13th ( through June 16th – 18th ( at the NWIR booths.

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About National Women in Roofing

National Women inRoofing (NWIR) is a volunteer based organization with the goal to provide networking, mentoring, education and recruitment for women roofing professionals. With a strong focus in recruiting and mentoring incoming women into the roofing industry, the organization will create ongoing opportunities for continuing education, support and networking for professional success. From the rooftop to the board room, the association will strive to connect and empower women for the betterment and professionalism of the overall industry.