Please join National Women in Roofing for our October 30th webinar on the Cultural Competency in a Complex World. Ricardo Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of Bilingual America, will be speaking about how to build and encourage cross-cultural trust, improve the current work environment, and how to create effective ways to work together.

The workplace can be seen as a reflection of the world we live in, and there are many benefits to having a more diverse workplace. The ability to interact effectively in fields where different cultures interface, such as the roofing industry, is critical to success. We must embrace and prioritize the education of leaders to thrive in such a culturally complex world. Education is key to helping all members of the workplace address issues that arise due to cultural conflicts, but it is also important for companies to intentionally practice diversity and inclusion.

According to the CDC, cultural competence emphasizes the idea of effectively operating in different cultural contexts, and altering practices to reach different cultural groups. This approach challenges organizations to employ structural change, making an institutional shift in the way it operates and the environments it enables.

How do we accomplish this? Join our webinar to hear how Ricardo draws on his personal and professional experience with cultural conflict to provide solutions and resources for this important issue.

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