We are so excited to share some of the awesome presenters for NWiR Day 2021:

“Roofing is…Planning Council Events” with Stephanie Kiriazes


It may seem like there’s no room in your brain to add one more thing to the mental load, but planning council events doesn’t have to be taxing if you use a simple format, plan about 6-8 months ahead, and embrace simplicity! Experienced council leaders will present three methods of planning that have enabled them to have minimal stress and maximum impact with their council members. This session is open to current council leaders or to those thinking about starting a council.

Stephanie is a classically trained Mechanical Engineer and has been in the roofing industry for almost two years as a Codes Engineer with Firestone Building Products. Stephanie joined NWiR early 2020, is on the National Councils Committee, and has served as the Vice Chair for the Tennessee Council. Stephanie also recently became Chair of the Tennessee Council.

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