We are so excited to share some of the awesome presenters for NWiR Day 2021:

“Roofing is…Making it Happen” with Mardee Billingsley


Making it happen: How to take an idea to implement!
Assemble the right people!
Build the team to take your initiative and move it forward.
We will discuss the importance of knowing your own style and the style of others in order to drive a successful project! Using the DISC methodology to show the importance of a balance team. Once assembled what next? What to do when a team member isn’t engaged? Our goal is to have participants leave the session feeling empowered to take that great idea and turn it into a reality! Don’t let the next best, product, service or material die in a notebook somewhere!! Go make it happen!

Mardee Billingsley is an experienced Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the building materials industry. Strong professional, skilled in Administration, Negotiation, Sales, Problem Solving, Project estimating, construction and management.

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