We are so excited to share some of the awesome presenters for NWiR Day 2021:

“Own It! Own your story, own your results, own it!” with Megan Keyes

Megan Keyes joined Johns Manville in 2003 as an Associate Product Manager in Roofing Systems and later served in technical and sales roles across JM in roofing and building insulation divisions. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is pursuing an MBA from Louisiana State University. Megan has two sons, Caleb and Carter, who she adores and enjoys traveling and watching football with her extended family.

A walk through Megan’s career in roofing and insulation with a focus on the challenges that construction poses for a woman and a minority and discussing the ownership of our role in those spaces and the reward and growth that is often on the other side of the challenge.

Own Your:
• Story & Reputation
• Perceptions & Biases
• Vulnerability
• Network & Mentors / Coaches
• Priorities & Interests (your family, your education / training, your life balance, your shortcomings)
• Feedback

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