In addition to the NWiR breakfast scheduled for Monday morning (more info here), NWiR is also presenting a breakout session/education class at the Western Roofing Expo on Monday, September 25, 2023, from 8:45-10am. Featuring panelists and contributors from the NWiR membership, the session will cover how to use coaching and mentoring in the workplace and as a leadership skill.

The era of the controlling boss is gone. Supporting employees on the rooftop or in the office is critical to improving employee culture. Roofing professionals are often in the position of training an employee, teaching a facility manager about roof system maintenance and forensics, and explaining to a building owner or HOA board why a seemingly simple roofing issue is actually quite complex. Future leaders are entering the workforce with the expectation that coaching, mentoring, and emotional intelligence are basic skillsets among their colleagues and managers, so there is a need and a value for contractors to use these skills. Organizations without deep knowledge of coaching and mentoring risks significant employee attrition.

More information on the Western Roofing Expo is here!