NWiR was delighted to have a presence at the IIBEC Convention a couple weeks ago. Whether on the trade show floor, in the hotel lobby, or in the education sessions the excitement of colleagues being able to see each other in person (while masked) was noticeable. NWiR staff and members really enjoyed the opportunity to chat with current and prospective members at the NWiR booth. Jennifer Hogan, NWiR member and also a member of the Board of Directors for IIBEC remarked that she’s never had as many female applicants for entry-level engineer positions as she has had this past Spring. What a great sign on the times in the roof and building enclosure consulting industry!

The photo shows NWiR Member Shelly Higgins and Founding Member Julie Palmer while chatting at the IIBEC Convention. Shelly is a leader of the NWiR Pittsburgh Council and Julie is on the IIBEC Board of Directors.

IIBEC offers a variety of technical education classes and courses, all centered around the roof and the building enclosure. Education from the Convention is available now for a limited time on the IIBEC website. A more thorough recap of the Convention from IIBEC’s perspective is here.