NWiR SoCal Council Alexandria House Rescue

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March 12, 2021, Los Angeles, CA:

NWiR SoCal Council and friends’ project is completed at Los Angeles’ Alexandria House

You may recall the NWiR’s SoCal council and friends recently stepped up to develop a plan to replace the roof of the Alexandria House, a women’s transitional shelter, in Los Angeles, after it sustained substantial damage following an electrical fire one year ago, March 21, 2020.

Not only did the SoCal council and friends develop a plan, but they also put it into action on March 12, 2021 as truckloads of materials and roofing crews converged at the Alexandria Avenue location at 8:00 am, ready to make the repairs.  The weather cooperated as the shipments arrived courtesy of Beacon Building Products (March 5, 2021) and SRS Distribution, Burbank, (March 21, 2021) with materials from IKO roofing shingles, In-O-Vate Rapid Ridge, Bay Cities Metal, Gardena, were loaded to the roof as the crews from Final Touch Construction, Fontana, CA, safely prepared the roof to begin repairs.

The damaged areas alone totaled $24,000.00, much of which was not covered by insurance, but when the roofers on-site found the entire roof in disrepair (a staggering $70,450.00 repair bill) the council, with the support of the SoCal roofing community stepped up to make it right.  6,000 square feet of the new roof have now been installed.

For the love of our community and the support of NWiR, it’s perfectly clear that the roofing industry’s top priorities are personal safety and protection. Whether you are on top of the roof or living under it…It takes a village.