With quintessential Jersey flair, this group of successful women held nothing back as they shared the secrets to building successful careers, family lives, and achieving personal goals in the April meeting of the NWiR Northern New Jersey Council’s Meet the Mentors April event.

Wendy Lucas, council Vice-Chair and VP of Customer Experience at PB Roofing played the dual role of hostess and moderator for the frank and entertaining discussion. Guests included; Patricia Ventura, CFO of PB Roofing, Cindi Vasta, VP of Sales, Pearl Street LED Lighting Systems, and Tina Carfaro-Breen SHRM-CP VP of Sales at Manufacturers Reserve Supply(MRS), Irvington, NJ.

Plenty of sage advice came through as the ladies shared their stories addressing everything from their own paths to leadership, to the importance of self-care.

On the role of mentors in their lives and careers…
• They came from all aspects of life and often changed based on the chapter of your life. Each shared a story of a male boss who encouraged them, believed in them, and supported them along their paths.
o Mentors can empower you and give you the perspective you can’t get of yourself.
• The bottom line, allies male or female are critical to achieving your goals.
o Finding them was often a positive feeling when meeting them and getting to know them. The support of mentors undoubtedly catapulted their confidence leading to success.
o You can also find a business coach or other professional support to strengthen your skills

On confidence…
• None of them even knew what Imposter Syndrome was. Had they faced a crisis of confidence or felt like they were getting in over their heads from time to time or felt nervous in new roles? A resounding yes, they all had. All those feelings are a natural reaction to change and growth, and not unique to women, men feel those things too, they just may not share the feelings as openly
• The key takeaway, growth requires change, sometimes that change requires negotiating skills to balance your personal goals, compromise to achieve your career goals, or the willingness to step into the deep water to learn something new. Building confidence, and believing in yourself is key to getting what you want in life.
• Help other women gain confidence where ever you can, if we want to make a mark in this industry we have to provide opportunities to those who want to grow. Women are fantastic networkers and help each other in so many aspects of life.

Key thoughts on life, and success…
• Givers gain
• Work with people who create the right culture
• Choose to “whine or shine”
• Make time for self-care, exercise or pamper yourself, whatever you need to keep focused and strong
• Pull nuggets from everyone who touches your life

Interested in hearing more? The event was recorded and will be accessible on the NWiR Northern New Jersey Council page @ https://www.nationalwomeninroofing.org/council/north-new-jersey-council/.