With a focus on Mindfulness and Meditation, the Northern NJ Council welcomed Dr. Shannon Albarelli, Psy. D on March 18, 2021. The event was sponsored by SRS Distribution Inc. According to a recent study on Healthline.com, “8 out of 10 adults said that the pandemic was a “significant” source of stress”. Dr. Shannon is a clinical psychologist who is also a certified Mindfulness & Meditation Instructor. She shared multiple strategies for coping with stress and led the group through exercises in meditation.
In her daily practice, she applies these techniques both personally and with a long list of impressive corporate clients. Shannon demystified meditation by sharing simple ways to begin the process.

Here are some key takeaways:
Make time, it will make a difference… meditation is critical to your health and well-being. Carving out just 8 minutes a day can help you focus, control emotions, and feel better. As you begin, a “guided meditation” session with help you learn how to turn the world off and focus on your health.

The 5 “tions” – must do’s for stress management:
• Hydration… drink water, yeah 64 oz. a day
• Oxygenation … get outside and breathe fresh air every day
• Nutrition… eat foods that make you feel good and give you the energy you need
• Socialization… connect with family and friends
• Hibernation… sleep is the foundation for wellness
Mindfulness and breathing… practice being mindful by focusing on your body, thoughts, and sensations. Use your breath and allow yourself to achieve a state of relaxation. One technique to promote relaxation:
• Breath in for a count of 4
• Hold it for a count of 4
• Exhale for a count of 4
Find out more about Dr. Shannon’s approach to modern psychology and ancient wisdom at https://www.doctor-shannon.com/, on youtube or with her TEDx Talks, Quiet the Noise, Soothe your Soul: Mindfulness and Meditation.