From the Desk of the NWiR Chair

Jennifer Stone, Johns Manville; NWiR Chair

Jennifer talks about the myth of work-life balance and ways, large and small, you can be involved with National Women in Roofing through committees and councils.


Lisa Garcia, Tremco; NWiR WORLD Award Committee

National Women in Roofing is proud to introduce the newly created Woman of Outstanding Roofing Leadership Distinction (W.O.R.L.D.) award. This WORLD award is going to be given out annually at National Women in Roofing Day to a woman who is a true champion for other women in the roofing industry, local community and family.

With each milestone NWIR checks off as complete, more and more women help carve the path forward towards breaking boundaries into what was once unknown territory. Our efforts to uphold the founding pillars of providing educational opportunities, community service, mentoring and networking have helped us to grow and become the successful organization that we are today. The recipient of the WORLD award should exhibit these pillars and lead by example with passion, strength and integrity.

Nominations for the WORLD award can be submitted on the National Women in Roofing website starting now until September 30, 2019. The specific criteria and much more information can be found on the website, get those nominations in!


Anna Anderson, Art Unlimited; NWiR Communications Committee Chair

Are you looking to help NWiR and enjoy marketing? We are currently seeking volunteers to assist with LinkedIn and Public Relations communication efforts.

Please reach out to Anna Anderson for more details!


Melissa Walker, Johns Manville; NWiR Mentoring Committee Chair

Mentoring Toolkit

Mentoring can happen in many forms, organically through a peer relationship, more formal with a trusted advisor, or within a group. The definition of mentoring is to “advise or train” …sounds so simple, but how do you establish something that is beneficial? The NWIR Mentorship Committee has developed a Mentoring Toolkit as a guide to help navigate some of challenges and needed commitments for either one-on-one or local Council mentoring. The Toolkit even provides documentation to use for developing an ongoing operating rhythm for both the mentor and mentee. These are optional, but something to help jumpstart the conversations.

In many cases women have this vision that years of experience is required to be a mentor, that’s not the case. On the other side of the coin mentees are hesitant to seek out a mentor based on fear of rejection. Women are natural nurturers, so know you have the experience to guide someone or ask for mentoring.

Download and enjoy the Mentoring Toolkit and look for more resources to come from the Mentorship Committee!


Christee Holbrook, Graham Roofing; NWiR Membership Committee Vice Chair

Please don’t forget to update your profile pictures on the website. This helps put a face to a name when we are at events!


Kayla Schlicker, Duro-Last; NWiR Education Committee

Join us for a New Webinar on May 29: Recruiting Talent to Address the Labor Shortage

Please join our webinar on recruiting talent and addressing the labor shortage in the roofing industry. Lorna Mendez of the NWiR Education Committee will be discussing how to recruit, train and place women on roofing-oriented career paths. Key outcomes of this webinar will include:

  • Recruiting Workers
  • Addressing workforce challenges
  • Equipping leaders to thrive in a culturally complex world

Sign up for the webinar.

Want to share your thoughts with us? Have questions you want to be sure we address? Send a message to

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What to Do if Encountering Power Lines

power lines

Read this important safety article by Michele Pratt with OSEA, Inc.

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How to Interview Your Child

two women talking

The only thing worse than having to fire someone who isn’t right for the job is having someone who is right, not show up to work. Finding and hiring the right people is one of the biggest challenges facing the roofing industry these days. Many companies are feeling the pain of what seems to be a revolving door of employees coming and going.

Find out how to properly screen your candidates in the latest Work/Life Balance blog written by Sue Drummond with Harness.

Then sign up for our webinar on recruiting talent.

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Save the date for the June 20th webinar on how to Train & Retain employees.


Lee Lipniskis, CORE Contractors; NWiR Councils Committee Chair

Did you know that we have 33 councils across the US? Find one near you on our website. If you don’t see one, why not start your own? If you are a new council just getting started and looking for ideas for meetings and activities, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the other councils across the country. Just visit the councils page on the website and you can find contact info for leadership, along with a contact form. Here’s what some of our councils have been up to lately:

NWiR Tennessee Council

NWiR Tennessee Council had lunch at the Thistle Farms Café, which is an organization that employs, empowers, and provides healing activities for women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. They have an attached store that sells homemade candles and essential oil products as well. We were able to support these ladies by just eating lunch and shopping!D.

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NWiR Tampa Council

The Tampa Council publishes a monthly newsletter, read more about their council happening and plans.

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NWiR Dallas/Fort Worth Council

OOn Saturday 4/27/19 Some of our NWiR DFW Ladies took a self-defense class at North Dallas Martial Arts. We learned some great tips for staying aware of surroundings and how to try to defend ourselves if needed. This was a fantastic team building and self-awareness event! Thanks to all the ladies who attended!

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NWiR Oregon Council

Several NWiR, Oregon Council members showed up to help out as part of a Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build project in December 2018. Some of the roofing companies involved included: Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal, Interstate Roofing, Bliss Roofing, Matrix Roofing, CC and L Roofing, ABC Roofing, Malarkey, Roofline Supply, and Gibraltar.

Read more about it in the Close-Up story posted in the April issue of Professional Roofing magazine!



Johns Manville

Johns Manville is a leading manufacturer of premium building and specialty products. We have a comprehensive portfolio of roofing products and we know the value in educating and supporting our teams, so they feel confident in what they are communicating. Education is also one of the four pillars for National Women in Roofing and just like NWiR, we pride ourselves in providing education for our industry. We have multiple online learning opportunities that anyone can participate in. BURSI also known as, the Better Understanding of Roofing Systems Institute is the longest-running roofing system educational program and has webinars available online. You can take a look at them here. If you have any questions, please reach out to your local rep to ask more questions. Here is a link to our sale rep finder.

JM also has new products available that saves contractors time and money. ProtectoR HD uses up to 50% Fewer Fasteners to Achieve FM 1-90, when compared to other high-density polyiso cover boards over a minimum 22-gauge steel and/or structural concrete deck. You can learn about ProtectoR HD and our other new product offerings here.

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Roofing Alliance

The Roofing Alliance has issued a call to all roofing contractors to help make the Roofing Alliance Workforce Survey a success. If you could share this information with your members and encourage them to take the survey, we’d greatly appreciate it. If you, or your members have questions, please feel free to reach out to Hasini Delvinne, with the Arizona State University research team.

Data about the roofing industry overall is critical to the continued growth and health of our profession. Understanding even the basics of how many roofing contractors, laborers and roofing professionals work every day can fuel advocacy, funding and investment.

The survey includes general questions about their company, and their current workforce. The survey takes approximately 7-8 minutes to complete.

To encourage participation, each person completing the survey will have a chance to win prizes including $50 Amazon gift cards (over 20 chances) and Max CN445R3 Superroofer Roofing Coil Nail Guns (3 chances).

All individual responses will be confidential and anonymous. Only industry averages will be published in the final report.

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Save the Dates

The newly created Events Committee is looking for women to join the committee. Please contact Melissa Mulligan if you’re interested.

Are you speaking at an upcoming industry event? If so we want to know about it and share that information with our members. Email the information to Communications Committee Chair Anna Anderson.