From the Desk of the NWiR Chair

Jennifer Stone, GRP, LEED GA, Preferred Accounts at Johns Manville & NWiR Chair

Chair Jennifer Stone recaps the NWiR Luncheon held before Roofing Day 2019 in Washington D.C. and the impact women are making through political engagement.


Chelsea Welsh, Gutter Helmet/Sunesta/Gibraltar Industries; NWiR Recruitment Committee

We would like to introduce the 2019 NWiR recruitment committee members!

  • Chelsea Welsh, Chair (Gutter Helmet/Sunesta/Gibraltar Industries)
  • Brenna Driver, Co-Chair (Owens Corning)
  • Kristin Anderson (CyberCoders)
  • Heidi Ellsworth (Roofers Coffee Shop)
  • Magan Jenkins (StealthBond/Southeastern Metals)
  • NWiR Liaison: Michelle Boykin (Rackley Roofing Company, Inc)

Recruitment Guide

Do you attend events or have friends who you think would be interested in NWiR and the Roofing Industry? Download the NWiR Recruitment guide for actionable steps to spread the word with confidence! Download Now.

It is a living document, if there is some additional information or insights feel free to reach out and we can review and add that information.

Coming Soon…

Keep your eyes out for a very interesting white paper that will be written by Kristin Anderson form CyberCoders about recruiting women in the roofing industry, insights and successes she has seen over the years as a Senior Recruiter.


Mardee Billingsley, Tremco Inc.; NWiR Membership Committee

National Women in Roofing are now at 1,200 members!

It’s easy to renew your membership here


Heather Estes, IBHS; Education Committee

Save the Date for a New Webinar: Recruiting Talent to Address the Labor Shortage

Please join our webinar on recruiting talent and addressing the labor shortage in the roofing industry. Lorna Mendez of the NWiR Education Committee will be discussing how to recruit, train and place women on roofing-oriented career paths. Key outcomes of this webinar will include:

  • Recruiting Workers
  • Addressing workforce challenges
  • Equipping leaders to thrive in a culturally complex world

Sign up for the webinar.

Want to share your thoughts with us? Have questions you want to be sure we address? Send a message to

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Life Work Balance: When Adults Have Tantrums

So, you’re meandering through your typical day when, wham, the yelling starts. Seemingly out of nowhere you are rocked with the screams of another human being. Chances are, you either have an escalated customer service call, or a toddler. I’ve had both. Read this inspiring article by Sue Drummond.


Young Gun Tamira Trujillo: Empowering Women in the Roofing Industry

Tamira Trujillo isn’t your typical roofing contractor for a variety of different reasons. For starters, her career in roofing began just three short years ago at a restoration company, and her collegiate background consists of dual associates degrees — neither of which pertain to roofing. Most obvious of all, she’s also a woman, which isn’t that common in her role within the industry. Read the full story here.

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Attending the 2019 #NWiRLuncheon at #RoofingDayinDC: The Business Case and Legacy

Alison Rice with Amtech Solutions recaps her experience at Roofing Day in D.C. 2019. Read the full story here.

Alison Rice Amtech Solutions Roofing Day D.C. 2019




Cynthia Lang, SRS Distribution Inc. & NWiR Councils Committee

Did you know that we have 33 councils across the US? Find one near you on our website. If you don’t see one, why not start your own? If you are a new council just getting started and looking for ideas for meetings and activities, don’t hesitate to reach out to any of the other councils across the country. Just visit the councils page on the website and you can find contact info for leadership, along with a contact form. Here’s what some of our councils have been up to lately:

NWiR Colorado Council

NWiR Colorado was fortunate to have Jamaca Berman with GAF, and a member of NWiR, give a comprehensive yet comprehendible presentation of the recently implemented extremely complicated Green Roof/Green Building Ordinance Denver at our meeting on February 5. We also enjoyed socializing with each other at a happy hour at Bar Louie on March 22. Additionally, the NWiR Colorado council was well represented in support of another NWiR member, Brandi Burgei with Johns Manville, who spoke on a panel with the West Metro Chamber on March 26 about her personal experience as an employee and as a business owner in two male dominant industries.

We are looking forward to the upcoming events:

  • April 17, Thursday, 5:30-7:00 Mastermind at Core Contractors, 4049 St Paul St, Denver, CO 80216.
  • May 8, Wednesday, 11:00 – 1:00 lunch/panel discussion on preparation for storm season, location TBD.
  • June 20, Thursday, 5:00 – 7:00 happy hour, location TBD.

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NWiR South Florida Council

On March 14, 2019 South Florida council held a meeting/ networking event sponsored in part by Beacon. The group toured the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, and learned about its history, they had 45 registered ladies (and 2 gentlemen). Blessed be the men among so many women. Lynn France from Beacon who is also part of the Atlanta council spoke about some of the mentoring activities they are partaking in, and the council announced it is holding a membership recruitment contest.

Worth highlighting a great spontaneous moment when the 20 year pro tour-volunteer Phoebe, spoke briefly about how amazing it was as an older woman to see how far we’ve come, when she was younger, women weren’t really in the work force, she actually went back to school after her children were fully grown as that is when women really started joining the work force, and she was amazed and honored to see so many professional women in one place at one time. That was part of the many great experiences shared that day and such an inspiration, our strides may not always be fast per say, but they have definitely been strong and here we are today!

The Tampa council would also like to congratulate Helene Hardy Pierce on being awarded the prestigious J.A. Piper Award from the NRCA. Helene is the 72nd recipient of the J.A. Piper Award, an honor bestowed annually on a roofing professional who has demonstrated outstanding service to the industry. This marks the first time the award has been given to a woman, as well as the first time it has been awarded to a representative of a manufacturer.


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NWiR Northern New Jersey Council

We held our March quarterly meeting on March 27th in Wayne, New Jersey, which featured Jean Kirch, Director of Development for the Center for Hope and Safety. In addition to learning more about the pervasive issues and deep impact of domestic violence, Jean helped us start a conversation about the ways we can contribute to the women and children who often have to restart their lives as a result. We expect to firm up a plan in the near future covering how our membership can support the needs of this organization, giving our time, skills and needed goods on an ongoing basis.

NWiR Northern NJ also attended the NERCA Convention this month in order to continue our outreach for new members and grow our organization. We encourage members to look out for our recurring networking events in April and March, as well as our next quarterly meeting on June 26th.

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NWiR Tampa Council

The Tampa Council is excited to share their April monthly newsletter with everyone.

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NWiR Seattle Council

NWiR Seattle had an amazing turn out and several new faces join us at Nu-Ray Metals in Auburn, WA. We were graciously hosted by Sue Fabri and her team. The council was taken on a tour of their multi-building facility where it showcased their stock of metals and nearly 24-hr fabrication team. Did you know Nu-Ray even has a location in Southern California?! We were taught about the speed and length of the machines and how that impacts precision while bending the metal sheets. A Lunch and Learn is in the works to provide us hands-on training for installation and fabrication in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for that!

Next up for us is our SHEBUILD Project on April 27th with Rebuilding Together South Sound. It’s not too late to volunteer so reach out to us if you would like to join us! Thank you to all our council members, suppliers and manufacturers that are making it possible to remove and install a new roof for a single mom and her family.


Read more with the full March recap.

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NWiR Oregon Council

Our February 2019 meeting was hosted by Roofline Supply & Delivery & sponsored by Stinger. We talked products, button caps, felt & warranty. We then had a live demonstration and got to try the products ourselves! The hands on interaction was exciting and a great way to learn how the products work.

Oregon Council Rises to the Pod Build Challenge
POD Build
National Women in Roofing, Oregon Council teamed up Friday, March 15, 2019, with Professional Women in Building to help roof four temporary housing PODs as part of the Kenton Women’s Village Build-Out Event. Kenton Women’s Village PODS will provide temporary shelter to homeless women in the area. The General Contractors of these four PODs are Stephens Homes, Legend Homes, BC Homes, and Elite Development. The Legend Homes and Stephens Homes are partnering with Professional Women in Building. Read the full story.

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NWiR Dallas / Ft. Worth Council

On Feb 22nd for NWiR Dallas Ft. Worth event KPost hosted OSHA Dallas Area Director Basil Singh and Assistant to Director Noel Buitrago to speak to our group of women. We had a great turn out and had lots of good tips for what to do when OSHA hits your jobsite.

After the OSHA Clinic the NWiR Dallas Ft. Worth Chapter also held a food/toy drive for Dallas Animal Services. The items were donated to the shelter where they will be used to help animals all over the county.

On 3/19/19 as a teambuilding event the NWiR Dallas Fort Worth attended an escape room in Plano called Escape Expert! It was a great team building event where you really have to focus on listening to one another, following directions and thinking critically. Fun was had by ALL!

DFW – Top Golf Networking & Golf Night

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NWiR Central PA Council

Our next National Women in Roofing Central PA event will be a networking event at aMuse Uncorked in Mechanicsburg, where we will also be taking place in a Pallet Night Paint Party! We will eat, drink, paint and discuss upcoming NWiR meetings for the remainder of 2019.

IMPORTANT – please RSVP to Katie Bickster – but also sign up on-line – spots are limited.

When you sign up on-line – please choose which pallet you want from this gallery (you can choose any sign from this page).

Thursday May 9th, 2019
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
aMuse Uncorked
101 Walden Way
Mechanicsburg, PA
I hope to see you there!


The Roofing Alliance

Leading The Charge: Women Are Nailing Success In The Roofing Industry

Roofing is an overwhelmingly male occupation. Contractor or crew, the guys who work in roofing are just that: guys.

Women in roofing are so rare they’re almost non-existent. Informal surveys done by the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) found that less than 10 percent of roofing employees are women. National construction statistics, which include roofing in the building occupations category, also put the number of hard-hatted women at less than 10 percent. Read the full story.

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The Roofing Alliance

The Roofing Alliance shares Auburn University’s Construction Management Summer Academy for Young Women

Rising high school junior and senior young women can apply today for this construction management camp.

The Roofing Alliance continues to work with construction management schools around the country. There is an ongoing commitment from the Roofing Alliance to bring the opportunities within roofing to the next generation. One of the universities that has been active from the beginning in the Roofing Alliance’s Construction Management Student Competition is Auburn University. Read the full story.

. . . . . . . . . . .

The newly created Events Committee is looking for women to join the committee. Please contact Melissa Mulligan if you’re interested.


Are you speaking at an upcoming industry event? If so we want to know about it and share that information with our members. Email the information to Communications Committee Chair Anna Anderson.