The NWiR Membership Committee is excited to announce our new initiative Membership Mondays.

Every Monday at 5pm, starting January 18th, we will highlight some of many ways to get involved with NWiR. Learn about the Networking, Industry Information, Educational Opportunities, Councils, and Committees; Events, Clubs, Mentoring, Community Service(s), Leadership Opportunities and Benefits when you are a member of the NWIR. We want members to become involved and reap the benefits.

On the 3rd Monday of every month starting February 15, 2021, we will have STAND UP MONDAY, an informal 15 minute or less meeting when new members can meet each other. This will be a great opportunity for new members to tell everyone who they are, what they do and why they have chosen to join the National Women in Roofing and meet some of the other NWiR members. Sign up today and Join us!