The November meeting of the NWiR Northern New Jersey Council centered on the education pillar. New board member Amanda Veinott shared ways to drive business through the development of a community, leveraging social media as a communication platform in the November 18th virtual presentation.

With a strong entrepreneurial background, Amanda’s experience in developing business through community transcends roofing. She has used this strategy to grow her own businesses in the past and after the sale of her last business, she used her community of Morris County, NJ Mom’s to begin her new career in roofing sales. Amanda shared that her transition from a Mom’s network made logical sense, “women are the decision-makers when it comes to roofing sales” she shared, “so reaching out to this established network made sense as I began this new chapter in my career”. Other keys to success centered on creating content that resonates with your audience, even if it doesn’t seem to have an immediate or direct impact on sales. One out-of-the-box idea she shared was to create an opportunity to use your location for holiday photos and post the event on your social channel. A refreshment table nearby can subtly or not so subtly promote product sales. With an inexpensive background at your location, you can use your network to gather new email addresses and share your message. Lively dialogue followed a very engaging session.

Council Chair Erica Sherman and Vice Chair Wendy Lucas also reminded the group of the council’s current ongoing efforts:

– Season of Giving: Donations accepted for the Center for Hope and Safety were accepted at various locations by December 2nd.

– Open Nominations for the National World Award, due December 2nd

– Council Holiday Party: November 30, 2022, Grande Saloon, Clifton NJ, This year sponsored by Capitol Roofing of Clifton, NJ

As always, thanks to our Council sponsor Peter McQuaid of MCQ Sales, LLC for his support this year and his generous donation to the Center for Hope and Safety in support of the Season of Giving campaign, and to Capitol Roofing for their generous sponsorship.